This Happened Here

This Happened Here

As part of the Arts presentations of the 2013 Khatsahlano Street Party, which saw over 100,000 people attend, Arrival Agency programmed 10 sound and vision containers. Entitled This Happened Here, the exhibition showcased works that engage with specific moments of art and culture in Vancouver’s history.

From the hippie counterculture in Kitsilano to punk rock shows and Expo 86, This Happened Here brought together established and emerging artists and cultural producers in an exhibition that explored the cultural life in Vancouver as experienced by people in the city itself.

As a frontier city, and the terminal edge of Canada’s western expansion, Vancouver has always had art scenes and cultural events that develop most vibrantly on the margins of official culture—or at the very least outside of traditional art galleries. This Happened Here brought together exhibits representing key moments in this history, and celebrates Vancouver as a vital space of cultural possibility. 

Participating artists and organizations included: psychedelic poster artist Bob Masse; the Museum of Vancouver; filmmaker Neil Wedman; animator Marv Newland; multimedia provocateur Paul Wong; punk rock photographer Bev Davies; video artist Sean Starke; filmmaker, educator, and producer Stan Fox; and contemporary art photographer Karin Bubaš.

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